Tom Crum


Photo: Tom and Sharon Crum. Credit: Tom Crum.

Tom and Sharon Crum

After leaving Sierra Leone in August 1967 and travelling in Europe until January 1968, I have had an interesting and difficult life, more interesting than difficult.  In fact, challenges added to the interest.

My seven-year teaching career with the Seattle public schools was terminated due to a tax levy failure, which resulted in terminations. Since opportunity is frequently born out of adversity, I started an insulation business and prospered for nearly 25 years. Then more adversity:  my wife Betty died in May 1990 after an 18-month ordeal with cancer. That was a life-changing event if ever there was one.  Having been her caregiver, I slowly realized that I was drawn to that type of service. So at age 50 I entered graduate school at Seattle University, earning a master’s degree in pastoral studies, with a slant toward lay church work. Being newly married to Sharon placed challenging demands on our time, but we made it. However, the Lord has a great sense of humor, so while I considered church work for a ministry, he had another idea…

Seattle University is a Jesuit school, and they have some very unconventional ideas about what a ministry might look like. Being a card-carrying Presbyterian, it took me a while to figure this out.  But I finally “got it,” and since 1997 I have been driving a special needs school bus for the Bellevue public schools. It’s a ministry on wheels, painted yellow! The gifts of this job, just like the Peace Corps, are too numerous to detail here.

January 2013 finds us enjoying our four grandchildren and our life together, “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.”  Life is blessed beyond all imagination.













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